New regulation for Canadian 2019 FOR DRIVERS

Canada 2019 ?New regulation for Canadian drivers

?Not carrying driver’s license: $250


?After 6 days without a change of new address with MTO: $230


?Driving without insurance cause an accident: $ 5000 and license suspended for 5 years


? Through a red light: $ 900


?Crossing two solid yellow lines : $500


?Turn, U-Turn and  turn violation: $350 ?


?Speeding (from 1-15km over): $250


?Speeding (from 16-25km over): $450


?Driving too slow ?: $399


? Fail to Full stop at Stop Sign :  $270


?Passing School bus ? when lights are flashing: $885


?Holding and or using the ?cell phone while driving (1st time): $1000
Driving license suspended 3 years


?Parking in Bus Lane or Zone ?: $900


?Fail to turn on head lights (30 minutes) before dark: $200


? Tint too dark on door glass: $199


?Failing to wear seat belt: $200


????Children not wearing seat belts or not in accordance with Highway traffic act: $599


?Car pool Lane violation: $505



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